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Beispiele für mögliche Touren  /  Exemplary Tour Description

Culture and History Minahasa Highland Tour  
Day 1: Start at  Manado – Kali-Waterfalls – Sightseeing-Tour to Flowertown Tomohon (Amazing views to Manado Coast and Surroundings, Mt. Lokon and Mt. Mahawu, both active Vulcanoes) – Onong´s Homestay – Bukit Rurukan – Lake Tondano – Restaurant Ulongo for Lunch Ceramic-Village Pulutan – Kanonang-Kawangkoan (historic monument and geothermic spring) Rest for coffe and Minahasa Speciality “Kue Biapong Ba”, watching typical life and horse-karts – visit of Gula Aren Masarang watching sugar production – back to Onong´s Homestay for Dinner and night.      
Day 2: Start at   Tomohon Traditional Market – Woloan Village by horse-kart (Amphitheater, Waruga) – Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center (animal watching and tour) – Lunch – Beach – Lekker Café Manado

Tangkoko Nature Reserve (TNR) 
Day 1: Start at  Manado – Batuputih, fruits and trees, many kinds of birds – Rest at Mama Rose Homestay – Tangkoko National Park (TNP) – Beachhouse – birdwatching, treespecies  and Black Monkey (Yaky) – forestwalk learning about biodiversity – lunch at Mama Rose Restaurant – rest or walk to Batuputih and Beach – watching fishing monkeys at post 3 – walk in the dawn to the Tarsius Ficus Tree – back to  Mama Rose watching night animals  
Day 2 Start at Tangkoko – through typical tropical rainforesst to Kumersot Waterfall, watching birds and monkeys – back to homestay for lunch and rest – spot 1 forest Batuputih with a lot of different birds – back to homestay – end of program, transfer to next destination  

Tangkoko Postcard
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